Imaging equipment

Imaging equipment in modern hospitals is getting more advanced, with a rise in minimally invasive surgical procedures. For the healthcare professionals that handle these applications, powerful and durable equipment is needed to improve the level of efficiency and quality of treatment. Using Power-Packer electro-hydraulic actuators has multiple benefits like:

– Extreme precise positioning of patients
– Multiple adjustments simultaneously
– Flexibility to adapt to application needs

The combination of having efficiency and the ability to do multiple tasks simultaneously are needed to meet the demands for modern day imaging equipment. Power-Packer solutions are capable of delivering the work perfectly.


The EDU is an electro-hydraulic system with a powerful brushless motor, specially developed for the high-end medical market. With this high power-dense system, it is possible to vary load and velocity in either direction, independently of each other.

Initially designed for the use in ambulance stretchers with the combination of high speed and high forces, this system can be used in every application that requires precise adjustment at variable loads and/or velocities.


The Quattro is an electro-hydraulic actuator that gives you the flexibility to position a patient just as needed to ensure the best outcome.

This state-of-the-art system allows you to vary load and velocity in either direction, independently of each other. Designed for accurate positioning imaging equipment, scanner tables, operating tables and other devices, the Quattro is also the ideal choice for any application that demands extreme precision.

Ambulance stretchers
Medical beds
Patient trolleys
(Hybrid) Operating tables
Treatment tables
Imaging equipment
Medical chairs
Other medical applications

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