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Blastrac develops and manufactures environmentally safe shot blasting, grinding, polishing, scarifying, scraping and milling equipment. Crucial to the effective operation of their latest floor stripper is the ability to significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to remove a variety of thick coatings, floor coverings and waterproofing membranes.
Business Situation

A challenge Blastrac faced while moving to an electric ride-on floor stripper was using an actuator that delivers the right hydraulic force while still providing an electrical source for operation. Blastrac  required to precisely position the blades to remove all kinds of flooring material effectively. The sliding front plate needed to be adjusted for different blade angles for accessing tight spaces and uneven surfaces. 

High strength, precise position, and impact resistance solution

In order to solve this challenge Power-Packer introduced the Electric Drive Unit (EDU). A hybrid, fully integrated concept with field-proven components. The compact system delivers reliability and power combining the advantages of hydraulic and electro-mechanical technology. The Electric Drive Unit features: 

  • Push force up to 23 kN @ 22mm/s
  • Robust 24VDC motor and radial piston pump
  • Manual emergency override
  • Controllable velocity independent of the load

About Power-Packer

For 50 years, Power-Packer has engineered a robust and innovative line of hydraulic position and motion control products that have become the gold standard in excellence for tilting, latching, leveling, lifting and stabilizing systems used in some of today’s most demanding markets. Contact us for more information.

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