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Power-Packer is a well-known key name in the world of Motion Control Systems. In the industrial market, controlled motions are a constant challenge for our business.

Power-Packer is a market leader in motion control systems. Power-Packer supplies specialized high-quality products, which include the development and manufacturing of (electro) hydraulic actuation systems for a large number of applications in Automotive, Commercial Vehicles, Medical and Off-Highway. We develop, assemble and market actuation systems for customers on a global basis including OEM’s and Tier 1’s in diverse end-markets.

Commercial Vehicles

Power-Packer is your global trusted advisor of innovative, high quality integrated motion control solutions for commercial vehicles covering applications for trucks, trailers and buses.


In the automotive segment, Power-Packer stands for innovative, high quality motion control solutions. Our hydraulic knowledge is used for the development of multiple applications within the industry.


Power-Packer is globally known for over 7.5M cab-tilt systems on the road and 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing these solutions. To carry this expertise and technology to the aftermarket industry, Power-Packer spare parts are commercialized through selected partners all over the world.


Our off-highway segment offers solutions for cab-tilt actuation, hood-lift actuation, locking systems, outrigger systems, stabilization legs, emission control solutions, actuation systems for ladders, protection plates, quick attachments, steering wheels, reversible ploughs, belly plates and decentralized electro-hydraulic drive units.


Power-Packer’s broad knowhow, exceptional expertise and continuous search for innovation in motion control systems guarantees you to the best solution for your medical equipment.

Other Markets

Our expertise of hydraulics also results in applications for other markets. Power-Packer is your experienced partner when it comes to motion control systems. Our actuators meet the highest requirements in the industry. They are robust, compact, reliable and safe to operate.

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