Electric Drive Unit (EDU)
An advance compact actuator with high lift forces 

The EDU is an electro-hydraulic system that combines a hydraulic pump, a cylinder and an electric motor. With this high power-dense system, it is possible to vary load and velocity in either direction, independently of each other. The system only needs an electric power connection to function. It was designed for applications where precise adjustment at variable loads and/or velocities is required.


Ease of Installation

Only electrical power supply is needed for easiest installation

Safe Operation

Overload protection avoids damage to interface systems

Proven Quality

Time-tested robust design is built for maximum performance and longest life

Lower Risk of Contamination

Self-contained design ensures protection from outside contaminants

Environmentally Friendly

Less energy consumption, high efficiency

Zero Maintenance

Proven high quality, long life, high endurance

Applications in the Medical Industry
High performance anytime, anywhere

  • Perfect solutions for Emergency Stretchers
  • Easily lift patients over 770 lbs /350 kg
  • Extreme power dense (14.4 kN)
  • Smart design: lightweight, no hoses, easy to install
  • Controllable velocity, independent of the load 
  • Fast, quiet & smooth operations for paramedics and patient comfort 
  • IP Class IP54 or IP40

Applications in Other Industries
Smooth operation for lifting purposes

Our multiple configuration options allow the EDU to perfectly fit in multiple applications. A soft start-stop feature ensures comfort and safety. This high power-dense system makes it possible to fully control the acceleration and velocity even under the heaviest loads. 

  • Smart solution for: powered lift tables, powered scissor tables, automotive lift equipment, power dock leveler, light duty dump trailer, surface preparation equipment (floor scrappers)
  • Easily lift over 770 lbs /350 kg
  • Extreme power dense (23 kN)
  • Integrated overload safety
  • IP Class IP69K

EDU Technical Specifications

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