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Motion Control Systems that work for our customers, anytime, anywhere

Power-Packer is a well-known key name in the world of Motion Control Systems. In the industrial market, controlled motions are a constant challenge for our business. We have been offering solutions for the Automotive, Commercial Vehicles, Medical, Off-highway industries for 50 years.


Power-Packer’s products are custom specific solutions. Therefore, it is very important that the design of each product suits the customer, and has doubtless performance. The main objective of our engineers and production engineers is to design products and production processes in accordance with our customers specifications and our own high standards. Our engineering department consists of specialists who design and innovate hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuation systems according to customer requirements. The design process is carefully planned and well structured, using common design tools like:

– Function Analysis
– Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
– Design for Assembly

Electronic CAD Data interchange, as well as the possibility of resident engineering, enable intensive and fast communication with our customers. Products are designed in concurrence with their specific production process, which means an optimization of production flow, manufacturing effort and stock usage. At the end, Power-Packer’s products will be well functioning components for reliable end products that are offered by our customers.


Power-Packer Logistics is executed according to the lean-principles, which ensures maximum added value for our customers. Together with our logistic partners, we develop logistic structures which are flexible and tailored to individual customer requirements. These allow maximum alignment and agility in the total end-to-end supply chain.

Best practices from the automotive domain are applied in all logistic processes, continuously optimizing the lean supply chain, whilst maintaining resilience. Global presence, up-to-date IT-communication, detailed transport analysis and packaging management do not only provide a low cost basis but support green operations.


The main objective of our production departments is to enable the timely delivery of our products while maintaining high quality, high flexibility and minimizing costs.

The continuous improvement of our production system is amongst others achieved by implementing modern techniques like Kaizen, In Process control (Poka Yoke) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The development of production lines and shop floor logistics are concurrent with our product development.


Quality certifications at Power-Packer are: ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 14001:2015.

Our customers have also shown appreciation for our high standards. Learn more about our commitment to quality here


Power-Packer’s headquarters are in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands where the Product Strategy is located, which includes the Global Sales, Engineering and Marketing departments in addition to that Operations and Logistics.

Working for world markets means being able to operate efficiently as a business partner worldwide – that’s why we have a global footprint of manufacturing facilities across Europe, Asia, North and South America.


At Power-Packer, safety is our top priority, ensuring that all employees work without health risks. This collective responsibility involves adhering to safety policies and procedures that include safe product and process design, safe working standards, housekeeping, and house rules. Maintaining these standards allows us to quickly identify and address deviations and potential risks through daily accountability meetings.

Each shift begins with a safety review meeting to discuss performance and risks, including successes, areas for improvement, deviations from standards, and activities requiring last-minute risk assessments. Unresolved issues are escalated to a higher-level meeting, with all observations and incidents documented for analysis and preventive action. Daily stand-up meetings are complemented by team audits using important tools like Kamishibai (a tool that visualizes data in manufacturing facilities and tracks the status of various activities) and the 5S methodology (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) to maintain and improve safety standards.

Health is another critical aspect of our workplace. Everyone has an influence on their own health, and through voluntary periodic medical examinations, Power-Packer employees receive advice regarding their health. Working groups have been defined to jointly address health issues related to work and to determine programs to promote health.

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