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Self-contained electro-hydraulic as the next generation in actuation

Over the years, the applications of hydraulic systems across the fast-paced and dynamic mobile equipment market have increased manifold. Standalone actuation systems operate independently of other equipment and maintain optimal use of energy while providing the power required for periodic movement.
In recent times, the next generation self-contained electro-hydraulic actuation systems have become a popular choice in the design of mobile equipment, due to their reduced energy consumption and high performance without the limitations of traditional hydraulic systems. These limitations are favoring the use of self-contained hydraulics. Think of:
  • Expensive and complicated process to route hoses in construction parts that have minimum bending radiuses and large diameters
  • Reduced energy efficiency due to pumps running continuously to maintain constant pressure output
  • Energy loss from the use of proportional valves
  • Pressure loss from the use of long hoses
To counter these limitations, the industry is switching to integrated solutions. This results in a small package, simple mounting and only connecting to an electrical power source to operate.
About Power-Packer
For 50 years, Power-Packer has engineered a robust and innovative line of hydraulic position and motion control products that have become the gold standard in excellence for tilting, latching, leveling, lifting and stabilizing systems used in some of today’s most demanding markets.
We serve customers throughout the world, including OEMs and Tier 1s in diverse end-markets. To best meet unique market needs, we have headquarters strategically located in The Netherlands and the United States, as well as manufacturing plants in The Netherlands, the U.S., Turkey, France, Mexico, Brazil, China and India.
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