Actuation solutions for over 100 unique automotive applications in the last 50 years​​

Automotive solutions that solve space, weight, noise, and efficiency challenges in today’s vehicles

In the automotive world, Power-Packer means innovative, high quality motion control solutions. Our hydraulic knowledge is used for the development of multiple applications within the industry. 

Amongst others, we provide solutions for convertible roof top actuation, trunk lid and tailgate actuation, doors, hoods, spoilers, ride height and other body panel actuation. As market leader, Power-Packer contributed to multiple market developments by supplying customer specific systems. 

Our customers are major vehicle manufacturers and convertible top suppliers such as: Audi, Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Magna Car Top Systems, Valmet, VW, Webasto and many other renowned brands.

Our experience in hydraulic motion control enables us to supply dedicated hydraulic actuation systems for both high and low volume series production.
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Our Applications

Compact but powerful solutions

Power-Packer automotive products solve space, weight, noise, and efficiency challenges in today’s vehicles. Built to last with no maintenance needed, the company’s hydraulic systems meet the stringent quality standards of automakers around the world. Designed for single and multiple movements, Power-Packer solutions are custom engineered for each unique application.

Why choose Power-Packer

Market and Engineering expertise​
Best-in-class practices​
High standards of quality

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949​

Global footprint​
Continuous improvement and innovation​
Volume Flexibility​

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