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BrandDescriptionPPE AM IDReference number
DAFRepair Kit CylinderDKC11451739222
DAFRepair Kit CylinderDKC82401392400
DAFRepair Kit PumpDKH80731605055
DAFRepair Kit PumpDKH80741645743
IvecoRepair Kit CylinderDKC810942559668
IvecoRepair Kit CylinderDKC811993161338
IvecoRepair Kit CylinderDKC813742538933 / 42559670
IvecoRepair Kit CylinderDKC817942559670
IvecoRepair Kit PumpDKH102542559679
IvecoRepair Kit PumpDKH107842545728
IvecoRepair Kit PumpDKH807442547952
IvecoRepair Kit PumpDKH807542548038
RenaultRepair Kit CylinderDKC11995001867816 / 5001867816
RenaultRepair Kit CylinderDKC8174/15001848287
RenaultRepair Kit CylinderDKC82345001868480
RenaultRepair Kit PumpDKH10255001867466
RenaultRepair Kit PumpDKH10405001867465
RenaultRepair Kit PumpDKH10785001840323
RenaultRepair Kit PumpDKH80735001867463
RenaultRepair Kit PumpDKH80745001867464
RenaultRepair Kit PumpDKH80755001867809
ScaniaRepair Kit CylinderDKC11181541981
ScaniaRepair Kit CylinderDKC11191524337
ScaniaRepair Kit CylinderDKC82041541983
ScaniaRepair Kit CylinderDKC82291433656
ScaniaRepair Kit CylinderDKC82341433655 / 1541982
ScaniaRepair Kit CylinderDKC11471369053
ScaniaRepair Kit CylinderDKC11601541977
ScaniaRepair Kit CylinderDKC31272451602
ScaniaRepair Kit CylinderDKC31282451604
ScaniaRepair Kit PumpDKE32262674084
ScaniaRepair Kit PumpDKH31362343520
ScaniaRepair Kit PumpDKH31352451611
ScaniaRepair Kit PumpDKH31372281207
ScaniaRepair Kit PumpDKH10401481432
ScaniaRepair Kit PumpDKH10661541980
ScaniaRepair Kit PumpDKH80731427794
ScaniaRepair Kit PumpDKH80741541984 / 385850 / 1320457 / 1427793
ScaniaRepair Kit PumpDKH80751541978
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC11033091796
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC11043092065
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC110520488307
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC11063092066
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC11073092067
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC112920488301
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC119520995564 / 3090723
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC304085110122
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC8012273866
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC8081274105
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC8082274106
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC8090270549
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC81373090722
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC81383090720
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC82293092446
VolvoRepair Kit CylinderDKC313021882638
VolvoRepair Kit El. PumpDKE8014/13091202
VolvoRepair Kit PumpDKH102520852954
VolvoRepair Kit PumpDKH104020852953
VolvoRepair Kit PumpDKH10781629630
VolvoRepair Kit PumpDKH80733092051
VolvoRepair Kit PumpDKH80743092052
VolvoRepair Kit PumpDKH807585105286
Volvo CERepair KitDKC101211708053
Volvo CERepair KitDKC114211708054
Volvo CERepair KitDKC114311713889
Volvo CERepair KitDKE11533092162
Volvo CERepair KitDKE1245-13091202
Volvo CERepair KitDKE12461629958
Volvo CERepair KitDKE124815086661
Volvo CERepair KitDKH10563092052

“Although the information in this list is presented in good faith and believed to be correct at the time of printing, Power-Packer Europa B.V. does not make any representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information. All information on this list is subject to change without notice.”

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