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Behind the Scenes: Exploring Our Company’s Production

Power-Packer and Gits Mfg.

Oldenzaal, The Netherlands
Motion Control, Airflow And Thermal Management Solutions

Power-Packer manufactures innovative hydraulic position and motion control solutions for a range of markets, including Automotive, Commercial Vehicles, Medical, Off-highway, and more. Gits Mfg. support Heavy Duty Engine OEM’s in creating sustainable transport around the world. We develop and manufacture innovative airflow and thermal management solutions, improve fuel economy and lower emissions. 

A Journey Through Our Production Process

We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers throughout their journey. Our success is a combination of cutting-edge technology, the creative skills, and the dedication of our talented employees. Recently, we held a photoshoot at our Oldenzaal facility, capturing the essence of our operations. The resulting images invite you on a visual journey, providing insight into our production process.

Exploring Our Production

Our daily operations, whether it’s designing and validating a product according to customer requirements, realizing a safe and reliable assembly process, or producing and delivering quality products to the customer, are all the result of teamwork.

From releasing supplies, inspecting materials, managing inventory, organizing internal transport, to controlling safety and quality, every step is carefully handled. The resources and methods we use meet the highest requirements of quality standards and expectations of our customers.

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ISO 9001
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IATF 16949
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ISO 14001
Our Commitment to Excellence

We take pride in our organization’s reliable performance, which contributes to the satisfaction and continuity of our valued customers. This is achieved through our proven knowledge, innovation, and commitment to excellence. This combined with our exceptional scale and geographic reach, makes us a reliable partner. As part of our approach to continuous improvement, we implement techniques like Kaizen, Poka-yoke and Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Growth and Continuous Innovation also require investments in Processes, Technology and People. 

Our operations meet the highest requirements in terms of safety, quality, delivery, cost, and sustainability. Our teams demonstrate a strong culture of quality and productivity, taking pride in building our products.

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Power-Packer and Gits Mfg. are part of CentroMotion’s growing family of highly respected global brands. CentroMotion’s brands lead the industry in motion, actuation and control solutions.

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