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Power-Packer covers the Off-Highway segment with a comprehensive range of products.

Off-highway equipment is put to the test every day in rigorous environments and on rough terrain. Power-Packer hydraulic systems are custom-designed for your most strenuous demands. Power-Packer offers motion control solutions for hood-lift actuation, latches, outriggers, stabilization legs, emission control solutions, actuation systems for ladders, protection plates, quick attachments, steering wheels and belly plates.

Cab tilt actuation
Other applications


We are constantly challenged by complex controlled motions. We have been offering dedicated solutions for the Automotive, Commercial Vehicles and Medical industries for 50 years.


From concept through production, our customers are our partners. We identify opportunities in the market and in the designs, plan improvements, and execute on changes.


Our fully implemented Lean operations and processes allow us to meet our customers' product variations and production schedules.


World-class track record: 100% on time and on specification. We provide superior products and best value for our customers, anytime, anywhere.

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We provide the best solutions in the market.
High forces, high speeds in a small envelope.

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