The Electro-Hydraulic Manual Multi-Cylinder (EH-MMC) was designed to operate multiple movements in the most innovative medical applications. The EH-MMC is especially suitable for advanced applications like operating tables, beds, psychiatric beds, medical chairs and stretchers.

The EH-MMC combines the advantages of an electro-hydraulic and manual-hydraulic system, with up to four manual back-up functions in case power fails. Using a simple handset selector, the operator can choose which cylinder to use. The selector is integrated into the pump, for optimal savings in size and weight. All available double-acting cylinders can be combined, giving you the flexibility to create the ideal system for your needs.

EH-MMC benefits and specifications:

  • 8,5 and 14 kN push forces
  • High load forces, optimum technology for bariatric needs
  • Operate up to 12 double acting cylinders (electro-hydraulic) including up to 4 back up functions (manual-hydraulic)
  • Pump motor 12 V or 24 V
  • Electrical part: IP 68
  • Reliable operating, manual override to ensure operation when power supply fails
  • Easy cylinder selection by means of handset

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