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Irene Zambrana – Marketing Communications Manager


After finishing a MBA degree in 2010 I started at Power-Packer as a Trainee in the Marketing department. The last 7 years working at Power-Packer have been an enriching experience for me, both personally as professionally. As a Marketing Communications Manager, I coordinate the different marcom strategies and tactics at the company, work on creating brand awareness, and manage the different marketing assets. Power-Packer is a company that continuously looks to have a clear understanding of its customers and markets globally, therefore, forming a solid foundation for our marcom strategy becomes essential.

As an expat, coming from Bolivia, it is inspiring to work in an international environment because new insights thrive due to the diversity of people, ideas and perspectives.

My career has been evolving at Power-Packer and this gave me the opportunity to grow as a marketing professional. Thanks to the daily challenges and opportunities presented in our department I had the opportunity to execute multi-channel marketing campaigns that reinforce and build brand image and generate leads, explore the latest digital marketing trends and expand my skills in Dutch language. Multiple opportunities are available within the company for personal and professional development, which for me is a key driver for accomplishment, contribution, inner motivation and strengthening employee empowerment.

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